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Name : Nadia Khan

Age : 24 Years

Nationality : Indian

Location : Abu Dhabi

Height : 5'5"

Figure : 36 27 38

Weight : 52

Smoking : Yes

Hair Color : Black

Occupation : Dancer

I am Nadia Khan, I am very self-looking and young and I like to talk to people and I am famous because of a good diet My service Indian Escorts Abu Dhabi has proved to be good for me for a long time and has satisfied the people.Due to this, I want to share my service of Indian Escorts Abu Dhabi with all of you.My eyes are black and I have maintained my whole body very well Because I eat food regularly and this is the reason why I think of spending the night in the heart of every young man

I was in college earlier and most of my body was crazy. I came to Dubai a year ago and I met an agency. Who was Indian and worked in Abu Dhabi They shared me with them and sent me to serve some of their special clients.And believe me, I drowned them all through the heat of my body Because my way of making love is very passionate and I specialize in sex If you want to experience me too, book me, I am waiting for you in Abu Dhabi right now.


Nadia Khan